How Palestinian embroidery is changing the face of fashion

In Palestine, embroidered clothing is a tradition that has gone back thousands of years. Women have created beautifully detailed works of art in the form of vests, dresses, shoes, and other articles of clothing that they pass down mother to daughter for generations.


This beautiful embroidery, called Tatreez, has hidden stories in them that can share who you are, what you have become, and even how you feel. The intricate patterns can be read by some just like a book. The result is a style of clothing that shows the true beauty of Palestinian culture.


Today, Palestinian embroidery is still a popular and beautiful fashion statement, but where once the beauty of this clothing was limited to the people of Palestine itself, it is now available globally for everyone to enjoy. This new line of fashion has a modern twist in it, capturing both the ancient beauty of Tatreez and the modern day comforts of the present.


Here are a couple of our favorite designs, and why we think they deserve a place in every woman's closet:


Short embroidered red dress with matching embroidered belt

This adorable dress combines an attractive style with beautiful flower motifs. An excellent piece of casual wear, this dress is at home in every woman's closet. Perfect for the working woman, this dress is a wonderful option for both work and play.



White chic embroidered jumpsuit

For a trendy and modern look, this jumpsuit is at the forefront of fashion. The jumpsuit hugs curves and flows downward for a sleek appearance, while the embroidery accents key places to flatter the wearer. This jumpsuit is perfect for a spring day, with material that is cool and comfortable to wear, while still keeping the edge of an unexpected bout of weather off.


Red velvet embroidered maxi dress

This dress is perfect for both more formal occasions and simply looking great on a day out and about. Red velvet and embroidery give this dress a rich appearance, while the maxi style is incredibly comfortable even for day to day use. Whether you are attending a party or simply want to feel beautiful, this is a great choice for women from every walk of life.


Palestinian embroidery isn't just limited to one culture anymore. The beautiful embroidery that is unique to Palestinian culture is becoming a fashion phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. You can weave a piece of this beautiful fashion into your own closet, by choosing a delightful and modern piece like one of the options above.


Beautiful, rich, and bold, Palestinian embroidery has always been about vibrant colors and fabrics that tell a story. These concepts are still available today, but in a modern finish that is both stunning and comfortable.


Palestinian embroidery is a true fashion statement that no woman should miss out on, and adding a little of this enchanting style to your wardrobe is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

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