3 Ways to Style an Embroidered Maxi Jacket (Abaya)

Maxi Jackets – or abayas as they call it in the Middle East – is one of the most popular wardrobe staples for women hailing from the Arab world. It’s a long piece of garment that covers you from shoulders to toes and usually have an open front. Traditionally used as a garb of modest fashion to cover up, the maxi jackets today are one of the most coveted ethnic pieces globally. They come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and designs. From silk to georgette to crepe; and from vintage prints to tribal motifs to exquisite Middle Eastern embroidery – there is a lavish spread of maxi jackets to choose from.

No matter which part of the world you belong to, we highly recommend putting together pieces of fashion accessories from all across the globe to add a tinge of culture and personality to your everyday fashion choices. If you still haven’t discovered the magical charm of Middle Eastern embroidered handmade luxury maxi jackets, it’s high time you test the waters now.

A maxi jacket is a fairly versatile piece of clothing. You don’t always have to wear it the traditional way: as a cover up. Here are some of the chicest and contemporary ways to style a beautiful embroidered maxi jacket:



Layer it on Top of a Crop Top

Crop Tops are millennial, fashionable, hip and contemporary – they have a cool edgy vibe about them and work with almost all combinations. Pair one of your favorite crop tops with a pair of acid-wash denim and layer this beautiful black embroidered jacket on top. It’s lightweight and stylish; would give you the perfect coziness and warmth you need for the fall season.

Wear it with a Dress

Do you have a cute little dress in your closet that you have already worn out a couple of times but still love to bits? Pair it with this beautiful maxi jacket and some strappy high heels and you have a new outfit in hand altogether. The abaya/maxi jacket would almost look like a beautiful longline duster jacket and add more texture and dimensions to your dress.

Wear it with a White Sweater and Fringe Jeans

For a totally out of the box, cool and stylish look – wear this piece as a long maxi coat on top of a plain knitted white sweater and fringe jeans. You’ll get the warmth from the sweater and swag from this exquisite embroidered maxi jacket.

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